About me

I am an actor working in film, TV, theater, VO and music videos. I am based in Brooklyn. I currently train at the Barrow Group Theater. I believe training is an important philosophical tenant; the more I know, the more I can break the rules. I have also trained with the incomparable and actor-whisperer, Wynn Handman, of the American Place Theater. My improv chops were picked up at the Magnet Theater. And, I graduated from the William Esper Studio in Manhattan having trained with David Newer and Bill Esper on the Meisner technique. I have a B.A. from UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television in Theatre.

I am a city kid. In fact, I have never lived outside of one (for better or worse). I was born in Manhattan, more specifically, Soho (back when Soho was 'Soho'), and then raised in San Francisco, CA. I attended a bilingual French-American school and earned an International Baccaleaurate in theater. Yeah, I know, it sounds pretty privileged and pretentious. Post-college graduation, I then toured the U.S. extensively working as a studio drummer with A Place to Bury StrangersThe Blacks, and a roadie with Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead. Let's just say, I've got a few stories about the 'road.'

Currently, I am working on a draft for a webseries. I love to play the drums with my friend's bands, and am finally, hopelessly trying not to lose chess games in the chess club.